Can I embed or link to your membership lessons for my students?

Is there a way I can get the embed codes for your lessons so I can use them for online distance learning? I pay for a monthly subscription and would like to use your videos in my class this year.

Our membership website is a lot like Netflix. For example, if you have an active Netflix account you can watch Netflix movies. You can also share links to Netflix movies, but the person clicking your shared link also has to have an active Netflix membership to watch the movie.

To watch our art lessons through our membership site (, you must have an active subscription. We also don't recommend that you share your login information with your students, because your billing information is connected to your account.

We feel extremely honored that you want to share our lessons with your students. May I offer a couple of alternatives:

  1. Share links from our free (ad-supported) resources ( or
  2. Use your membership during live video calls (Zoom or Google Hangouts/Meet). You can share your screen while an art lesson is playing. Then the whole classroom can draw the same lesson together. This makes an amazing team-experience. The whole classroom can hold up their finished artwork at the end!



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