Inappropriate commercial or banner ads!


***Many people are now aware of how commercials on YouTube and banner ads on websites work. Though, I've placed this information here for those that still may not be aware of the control they have over their own advertising settings.***

First off, I am extremely sorry that you've had a bad experience with a commercial or banner ad appearing with our art lessons! I can understand how this can be extremely frustrating.

Here is a list of things that I hope will help you and your kids have a better/safer online experience:

  1. Our site and YouTube channel are identified properly with Google as child-directed content.
  2. That said, we still do not have complete control over what ads are shown.
  3. Google/YouTube try their best to match viewers (you) with ads (other brands) through our content.
  4. The power to control the ads you see on our content is actually given to you, the viewers!
  5. You can take control and adjust your personal ad preferences/settings here (be sure you're logged into your own Google account).
  6. Review your personal past online activity:
    1. DELETE any past search and browser history that is inappropriate for your kids or students.
    2. DELETE any past watch and search history on YouTube that is also inappropriate for your kids or students.
  7. Consider purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription this eliminates all ads on YouTube not just our videos.
  8. Consider using the YouTube Kids app This is a much safer experience and has amazing controls for parents. 
  9. We also provide our own paid service that eliminates YouTube ads and banners

We're excited about this last option. This a dedicated/focused art experience for kids, families, and classrooms.

Again, please know that I am very sorry for this horrible ad experience!


**Number 5 and 6 are key to providing your family/classroom with a better online experience.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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