What's the difference between watching your lessons on YouTube vs your membership?

Thank you for considering Art For Kids Hub membership! Below, we've outlined the key benefits you'll enjoy as a member:

Ad-Free Experience: Our membership provides an ad-free experience for uninterrupted learning and enjoyment of our art lessons. While our videos don't include the YouTube ads that play before and during a video, and we don't have any banner ads on the membership site, we do include our sponsored videos. For example, Paramount may sponsor a video for their TMNT movie, and we'll draw one of the turtles. These videos are included because we want our members to have access to these valuable lessons still.

School-Friendly Access: Some schools block YouTube, which may restrict access to our content. Our membership videos play through Uscreen, providing a school-friendly alternative for educational viewing.

IT Manager Approval: Before signing up for a membership, please check with your IT manager to ensure Uscreen is not blocked on your school or organization's network. Additionally, ensure that the following URLs are white-labeled on your network for seamless access: https://artforkidshub.tv/ and https://www.uscreen.io/.

Printables and Member-Exclusive Lessons: In addition to ad-free viewing, the membership grants you access to a variety of printables and member-exclusive lessons. These resources enhance your learning experience and provide additional creative inspiration.

Distraction-Free Learning Environment: Enjoy a distraction-free environment where you and your children can focus solely on art lessons, fostering creativity and artistic growth.

Dedicated Apps: Access our content conveniently through dedicated apps, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred devices for on-the-go learning.

Offline Viewing: Download lessons for offline viewing within the mobile app, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

We're committed to providing an enriching learning experience for our members. If you have any further questions or require clarification on any aspect of our membership, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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