What colored pencils would you recommend?

When it’s time to color your drawings, feel free to use whatever you want!

In the lesson you just watched, we used Prismacolor colored pencils.

Out of all the materials we use, these are my ultimate favorite!

They are a bit more expensive than most colored pencils, but they are worth it…even to purchase for your young artists.

I promise.

The main reason why I love them so much is due to the soft led core.

This allows the pencil colors to go down smooth and bright. And when you’re blending two colors, you’ll always get a soft transition.

Because the led is soft, make sure you never drop the pencils. This can lead to a shattered core inside the pencil.

You can purchase these pencils at a local art store, but I’ve found Amazon usually has the best price.

These pencils also come in different pack sizes (48, 72,132, and 150).

The set of 48 gives you a perfect selection for a great price!

This Amazon affiliate link will take you to the set of 72 but you can easily select the 48 option before purchasing.

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