What paper do you recommend using for drawing?

I love using computer printer paper to draw on, but any paper will work for our lessons.

There are three reasons I love printer paper:

1. I love buying cheap paper in bulk

2. A stack of printer paper, left on a shelf, is perfect for kids to have access to at any time

3. Printer paper is simple to preserve. It makes it easy to place in a frame, scan, or add to a portfolio

Don’t get me wrong, sketchbooks are great…especially for traveling…but it’s slightly more difficult to rip out a page when your child creates something you want to frame.

Now, one thing you want to keep in mind is that we love using Sharpies to draw with.

This means you’ll want your child to get in the habit of using more than one sheet of paper to draw on. This will protect your table from the marker bleeding through one sheet and getting onto your table.

Sometimes even more than two sheets is a good idea.

When your child is done drawing, don’t throw away those extra sheets. They work great as scratch paper.

Amazon link to purchase a box of printer paper.

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