Why do you draw with a Sharpie?

In most all of our drawing lessons, we love using a black marker, and we specifically use Sharpies.

You certainly don’t have to use a permanent marker, any washable marker will work just as well.

There are two reasons why we use them:

1. It’s easy for kids to see the black lines on camera.

2. We don’t spend any time erasing lines.

Why is erasing lines bad?

It’s easy for kids, even adults, to get frustrated and caught up in trying to draw the PERFECT LINE. If they’re frustrated and not having fun, they’ll never practice, and PRACTICING is the essential part of becoming better!

I’ve found it’s much better to eliminate erasing and focus on drawing to develop confidence first. Then when they get older and have built their confidence and a love for drawing, they will enjoy using a pencil even more.

Ultimately, my goal is to help every kid (and adult) realize that they are amazing artists!

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